Nueva Revista Internacional: Emotions and Society

Emotions and Society

Volume 1 coming in 2019


Mary Holmes, University of Edinburgh, UK
Åsa Wettergren, Gothenburg University, Sweden


Jochen Kleres
, Scuola Normale Superiore, Florence, Italy
Nathan Manning, University of Adelaide, Australia

Bristol University Press is pleased to announce an exciting new journal for 2019, Emotions and Society.


Aims and Scope
Emotions and Society aims to publish high-quality, original peer-reviewed articles which advance theoretical and empirical understanding of emotions in social life. It is associated with the European Sociological Association (ESA) Research Network on Emotions, but seeks submissions from a wide range of international authors writing in this area. The sociology of emotions has developed unique perspectives on emotions that attend to the social construction of emotions and the ways in which emotions are embedded in social structures and inhere in social processes. The Journal seeks to expand the largely unexhausted potential for developing innovative approaches not only to emotions per se, but through it to the social generally. All methodological approaches to studying emotions are welcome, but they should demonstrate rigour and be framed in ways that will be of interest to sociologically inclined scholars.

A key feature of the Journal will be to develop both a uniquely sociological perspective on emotions, while also engaging in interdisciplinary exchanges. This interdisciplinary character will emerge not only from the interdisciplinarity of present scholarly debates on emotions, but from the diversity of disciplines represented in the ESA Research Network. We welcome submissions from neighbouring disciplines, especially cultural studies, history, philosophy and social psychology. Psychology of emotions is quite well represented in existing journals and papers will be considered only insofar as their focus is interactional rather than biological. The Journal seeks to publish articles based on original research into the social aspects of emotions and emotional life. This may include contributions to theoretical debates in the area. Substantial review articles may also be considered. Principally we are looking for theoretical or theoretically informed empirical papers that engage with key concepts and debates of interest to sociologists of emotion, even if they do so from outside the discipline.


Call for Papers
Be among the first to publish in Emotions and Society. Our first issues will include commissioned articles by Arlie Hochschild, Ian Burkitt, Debbie Gould, Peter Stearns, Randall Collins, Helena Flam and Jack Barbalet. Emotions and Society will soon be open for the submission of non-commissioned research articles.

If you have an idea for an article please contact the Editors-in-Chief for information on how to submit: and


Dr Mary Holmes
Senior Lecturer in Sociology
University of Edinburgh


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