New Book: Politics and Emotions (Adrián Scribano)

(…) This book aims to analyse the relationship between social conflict, collective actions and social policies in the global South, taking Latin America as the focus of inquiry. In this book, it is possible to see how “the political” is intertwined with “the emotional”. The globalization of emotionalization serves as the central axis of the current metamorphosis of relations between state and capitalism, between politics and market, and between “ideology” and marketing.

The book presents interventions, in the form of separate chapters, that have in common the following features:

(a) They share a common perspective from the sociology of bodies/ emotions that we have preferred to <eave in each chapter, despite possible repetitions, as they are tied to the object of analysis in some particular way.

(b) It is also common to approach social conflict precisely under the coverage and understanding that bodies/emotions are the source and place of both domination and resistance.

(c) The chapters communicate among themselves also by their tacit and/or explicit acceptance of the centrality of creativity/ expressiveness in the structuration social processes.

The motivation of this book is to make evident how, from the standpoint of sociology of bodies/emotions, it is possible to undertake an analysis of the central features of the current structuration social process.  (fragment of the Preface – Adrián Scribno Adrian Scribano)

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